Year-Round Train Packages offered by Catalina Motel in Sault Ste. Marie

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Spring, Summer & Fall Train Packages
All going through the Agawa Canyon

Agawa Canyon Train Packages
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Regular Train Packages  
Train packages that take you 114 miles north to the Agawa Canyon and back the same day with lodging.  Travel in the newly refurbished rail coaches.  .  Catalina Motel will reserve your train tickets, your lodging, and arrange your meal package on the train.

3-5 Day train packages taking you through the Agawa Canyon to Hearst, Ontario

Tour of  the Line    Canyon Combo   Dome Combo
The Tour of the Line Train is in the process of being sold and not running. Please watch for updates. Travel the same line as the Agawa Canyon train to the end of the line (295 miles) on the Tour of the Line train. 

Winter Train Packages

Experience the Agawa Canyon in the winter on the Snow Train
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The Snow Train is the winter version of the Agawa Canyon Train and often mistaken with the "Tracks to Trails" train that snow machines are put on..  It currently is not running but may resume in the future. The only difference between the Agawa Canyon Tran and the Snow Train is that in the Canyon Park you do not get off the train (too much snow!).  Meal services are provided, optional Museum passes for additional charge and optional Casino Packages free.

Have your lodging & train arrangements all taken care of for a 750 mile circuit by trail & train
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This train is in the process of being sold. Please watch for updates. Load your snow machines on the Tour of the Line train to Hearst through the Agawa Canyon and snowmobile close to 450 miles back to Sault Ste. Marie.  The Tour can be arranged to ride your sleds up and take the train back as well.  Catalina Motel will arrange your snow machine/train ticket reservation one-way, your lodging in Sault Ste. Marie, lodging in Hearst and lodging in Wawa and/or Hornepayne depending on which package you choose.

Experience a 295 train tour thorugh the Agawa Canyon
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